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Terms & Conditions for Costume Hire

  1. Reservation
    We recommend that you reserve items as early as possible to ensure availability. Even though we have a large selection of Costumes to choose from, some items are more popular than others and may not be available for last-minute rentals. If another client is interested in the same rental for the same time period as you have requested, you will be notified and a deposit may be collected in order to hold the time slot and assure your intent.
  2. Accessibility
    Costumes can be tried on in our Peregian Springs office, prior to hire. If hiring via our website, please bear in mind we cannot refund the hire charge if the costume does not fit. If you are unsure about sizing, please consult the item description, or speak to us, before hiring.
  3. Rental Period
    The standard rental period is 1 weeks.
  4. Deposit
    A deposit of $20.00 is taken at the time of the rental to secure your order.
  5. Condition and Damage
    On renting the Costume you agree to return all costumes in the condition in which they were received. Damage is considered to have occurred by: tearing, burning, cutting, excessive make-up, removal of Costume decorations (diamantes, flowers, lace etc). It is a rare occurrence but if items are damaged due to abuse or mishandling, the customer will be invoiced for repair cost or for replacement cost. CC details must be supplied at pick up.
  6. Cancellation
    A reservation may be cancelled up to 48 hours to the scheduled collection date without penalty. Items cancelled less than 48 hours prior to scheduled shipment date will be charged $40.00 security deposit to cover the cost of lost rental.
  7. Late Returns
    The term of the rental contract allows time for the equipment to returned to us. Since another customer may need the item for their event, prompt return of rental is extremely important. If for any reason the products are not returned to our company as agreed to in the Rental Contract you will be invoiced $5.00 for the first day late and 20% of the total order for each day thereafter until received.
  8. Payment
    The balance of your rental contract must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to the date of shipment in order to preserve your firm reservation. We accept VISA,  MASTER CARD, BANK TRANSFER OR CASH.
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