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Welcome to Tutu For You

My name is Trisha Stephens and I am the mother of a classical ballerina and have been a ‘Ballet Mum’ for ten years. I, as many of you would have had to do, learn by my mistakes in weaving our way through the ballet world and become a Ballet Parent.

The joy it brings is always worth it, however it is a very daunting process when you are starting out and are drawn into the Eisteddfod and competition season.

I discovered very early on how expensive this art is, and yes it is an art, coupled with being the most intense sport you can imagine.

From ballet slippers, tights, leotards to tutus, tiaras and pointe shoes, this is not for the faint hearted or light on the bank balance. I created this business to help those that want to pursue the art of classical ballet but may not have the disposable income to be purchasing tutu after tutu each year. I have taken on this task to assist parents, dancers and teachers in the pursuit of the perfect tutu to make their performance all it can be.

Tutus are a work of art for me and I proudly display these items in my office for all to enjoy. Each tutu is very carefully chosen to be suited for a specific purpose. When a dancer comes to me for assistance I take the time to ensure they bring their music along, know they style they need and the preferences in colour from the teacher. I will send you off to your next competition with the confidence that they will feel extremely special on stage.

So, take the time to view the image gallery, visit our display room and have an enjoyable and much more economic experience in going through this jouney.

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